Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant Samples

Rhamnolipid biosurfactant samples are available for purchase. If you furnish us with the rhamnolipid application you will be testing for, we can send you the correct rhamnolipid sample for testing. Please keep in mind we are not in the business of providing samples free of charge.

Rhamnolipid samples are available for many different biosurfactant applications. It is important to note that rhamnolipid comes in many forms for many different applications. Rhamnolipid samples are available in ratios of mono-rhamnolipid, di-rhamnolipid, and combinations of both. There is also the purity issue ranging from crude rhamnolipid to purified rhamnolipid. For rhamnolipid soil washing, crude rhamnolipid is suggested. For rhamnolipid agricultural products, 8.5% is suggested. Pharmaceutical applications require purified rhamnolipid with varying ratios and stabilizers and carriers.